I am all about melody with these compositions, it comes from various musical influences, such as playing classical violin and piano, hearing live music performed, discovering new artists and new music, etc. Acquired Inspiration.  While I am aware of the sound of sound — that understanding plays into the process, as in how instrumentation can be treated, etc. I am most interested in scoring of visual projects, such as film music, performance and art video, but also working on a collection of songs. Welcome, and enjoy.

     In another life I lived in a cave with fifteen others. We didn't wear clothes, but we slept on beds made from leaves. I collected small things, I had a collection of small white stones I would play with at night by the fire-light, arranging them in patterns, rubbing them on my hairy fore-arm to make them shine. We had to leave suddenly one night because of invaders. I only was able to grab one of my stones before leaving, but I said "good-by my friends" (OOk lala wen) to the little white pebbles arranged in a circle with one spot empty.


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